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I want to purchase a VisionArt, where can I get one? How do I become a VisionArt authorized sales partner? There isn’t an authorized sales partner in my immediate area. Can I order direct? What makes each VisionArt Gallerie so unique? Does VisionArt sell TVs? Can a VisionArt be used to conceal items other than a television? Can I order my VisionArt in any square or rectangular size? Is there a way to incorporate the use of speakers? Does VisionArt sell high-performance speakers within a VisionArt system? What if I plan to replace my TV at a later date? How many times can the print roll up and down without causing damage to the print? What kind of paint is used? What is a Giclée Print? Can I use my own artwork or photograph? Can a VisionArt print be re-framed for conventional use? How is the VisionArt mounted? Can the artwork in a VisionArt be changed? Where does the VisionArt get its power? If the TV is surface mounted, how far out from the wall will the VisionArt be? If the VisionArt and TV is surface mounted how do you treat the exposed sides? What is the warranty? How long will it take to receive my VisionArt? How do you ship my VisionArt?

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