Create an elegantly hidden TV with VisionArt,

a custom framed fine art print on a motorized retracting canvas.

Our step-by-step online galleries allow you to customize and build your very own TV covers. Wow your houseguests with artwork that's actually a framed TV! Each of our galleries varies in price and exclusivity and offers an assortment of TV frames and themes: Abstract, Landscape, Photography, Still Life, Seascape and many more. Simply sit back and create a Vision Art TV - a beautiful way to hide your TV!

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Expressions Gallerie
Prices start at $1,695 Over 40 unlimited edition art images
10 designer frames
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Premiere Gallerie
Prices start at $7,495 280+ artist signed, limited edition art images
50 designer frames
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Decor Gallerie
Prices start at $3,500 70 unlimited edition art images
15 designer frames
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