TV Concealment Solutions

We understand that art is as individual as you are. So we're aware you may prefer your own art or photography. We gladly accept personal artwork and photographic images for "custom order" TV concealment solutions.

For your perfect hidden TV behind a picture frame, you may choose or commission works from a favorite artist or photographer, supply your own art or photograph, or request a painting that's in the public domain. In all cases, we'll work closely with you to ensure that the artwork you supply meets our technical requirements for a fine-art digital reproduction

Download release form for client supplied art

General Information:

VisionArt and VisionArt dealers will gladly accept personal artwork and photographic images for "custom order" Premiere Gallerie units. An additional charge of $900 will be added to the VisionArt unit at the time of the ordering to cover all costs related to custom order production, excluding freight.

Production specifications for custom order units are as follows:

1) VisionArt customers purchasing custom TV concealment solutions, and providing personal artwork for reproduction, will work directly with our Art Director. We will digitally format the art, generate color proofs for approval, and produce the final giclee Fine Art print on canvas. Printing costs are included in the base price of the VisionArt unit.

2) Customers providing original artwork custom order units must also provide a signed and notarized authorization from the artist or photographer granting VisionArt the rights to copy the image and reproduce it as a giclee print for the purposes of covering a wall mounted flat panel display.

3) Until recently, most wall mounted flat panel displays were made to the shape and proportions of a "widescreen" or "letterbox" movie screen with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. Now many manufacturers are adding speakers to the sides and/or top and bottom of their displays, changing the shape and the proportions of their displays. Customers providing artwork for VisionArt custom order units must make sure that the artwork they provide will "crop" to the shape and proportion of the flat panel display they will use it to cover.

4) For optimum reproduction quality, the size of the original artwork for custom order VisionArt units should be the same size as the flat panel displays it will cover. If the flat panel display to be covered is 39" wide, the original artwork should be 39" wide. VisionArt cannot accept original artwork for reproduction that is any less than 30 inches wide.

5) Original artwork must be delivered in one of three formats: Original Artwork - Original artwork should be professionally crated, insured and transported -- at the customer's expense. Original artwork will be scanned and returned to the customer along with a proof on canvas for customer approval -- using the same crate it was delivered in -- and at the customer's expense.

4 x 5 or 8 x 10 Transparency Customer's wishing to send a photographic copy of original artwork must provide a 4 x 5 or 8 x 10 transparency that includes gray scale and color bars. The transparency will be scanned and returned to the customer along with a color proof on canvas for the customer's approval.

Digital Image - Digital images must be delivered on a compact disc accompanied by a color proof generated from the digital file. Files must be 150 megabytes at 350 DPI. The compact disc and the proof will be returned along with a VisionArt proof on canvas for customer approval.

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