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Q I want to purchase a VisionArt, where can I get one?
Q How do I become a VisionArt authorized sales partner?
Q There isn’t an authorized sales partner in my immediate area. Can I order direct?
Q What makes each VisionArt Gallerie so unique?
Q Does VisionArt sell TVs?
Q Can a VisionArt be used to conceal items other than a television?
Q Can I order my VisionArt in any square or rectangular size?
Q Is there a way to incorporate the use of speakers?
Q Does VisionArt sell high-performance speakers within a VisionArt system?
Q What if I plan to replace my TV at a later date?
Q How many times can the print roll up and down without causing damage to the print?
Q What kind of paint is used?
Q What is a Giclée Print?
Q Can I use my own artwork or photograph?
Q Can a VisionArt print be re-framed for conventional use?
Q How is the VisionArt mounted?
Q Can the artwork in a VisionArt be changed?
Q Where does the VisionArt get its power?
Q If the TV is surface mounted, how far out from the wall will the VisionArt be?
Q If the VisionArt and TV is surface mounted how do you treat the exposed sides?
Q What is the warranty?
Q How long will it take to receive my VisionArt?
Q How do you ship my VisionArt?