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  • Q: I want to purchase a VisionArt, where can I get one?

    VisionArt products are available worldwide through a network of authorized sales partners. Contact us to find a trained professional in your area..

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  • Q: How do I become a VisionArt authorized sales partner?

    Our most mutually beneficial sales partners are Audio Video Installers, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Professional Photographers. To become an authorized sales partner you must have a resale certificate. For states/countries that do not issue resale certificates, a copy of your business license is acceptable.

    Please click here to complete the authorized sales partner form. Note: the application will not be authorized until the resale certificate or business license is received.

    Please send your resale certificate to us in one of the following ways:


    Fax: 714-556-6054, Attn: VisionArt Galleries Authorized Sales Partners

    VisionArt Galleries
    14352 Chambers Rd.
    Tustin, CA 92780
    Attn: VisionArt Galleries Authorized Sales Partners

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  • Q: There isn’t an authorized sales partner in my immediate area. Can I order direct?
    A: Building a VisionArt is easy and enjoyable. If we are unable to find a local dealer for you, you will be in excellent hands with our in-house personal assistants. Our personal assistants are experts with helping by phone. In the end, we want to make sure you are treated with great customer service.

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  • Q: What makes each VisionArt Gallerie so unique?

    Art communicates to each of us in a unique way. To help you discover your individual preferences, VisionArt offers an exclusive collection of art and photographic images in a variety of distinctive galleries: Premiere Gallerie, Décor Gallerie, and Expressions Gallerie.

    Pricing is dependent on features such as commissions to the artists, frame style, limited or unlimited artwork, artwork size and other optional features.

    The Premiere Gallerie embodies our most exclusive collection of fine-art prints offering hundreds of limited edition images in a variety of categories. Each Premiere Gallerie Fine-Art Print is signed and numbered by the original artist. The cost of the Premiere Gallerie, in particular, can be viewed as an investment, in that, as a limited edition, signed and numbered copy, it is likely its value will increase over time.

    Prices start at $7,495

    Over 350 Limited Edition Fine-Art Images Signed and Numbered by the Artist

    100's of Frame Options


    The Décor Gallerie is presented in 8 different categories: Abstract, Floral, Landscape, Photography, Seascape, Still Life, Wild Life, and Custom Art. This collection consists of over 70 distinctive works of art and 10 designer frames to choose from, providing endless mix and match TV concealment options.

    Prices start at $3,500

    70 plus Unlimited Edition Art Images

    10 Frame Options


    The Expressions Gallerie is our more cost-effective way to conceal a TV. Choose from over 40 "unlimited edition" images and 10 designer frames, providing a broad range of mix and match TV concealment options.

    Prices start at $1,695

    40 plus Unlimited Art Images

    10 Frame Options

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  • Q: Can a VisionArt be used to conceal items other than a television?

    Yes! All VisionArt products are custom made to fit the specific application.

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  • Q: Can I order my VisionArt in any square or rectangular size?

    Yes! We will custom-build your VisionArt to any size. If you decide that a vertical formatted frame and artwork will look best on your wall, we'll create a VisionArt sized to your specifications.

    With our AV Matting Solution, we mask off the non-display areas behind the artwork, including the extra space around the television screen, the TV bezel, speakers on the monitor or separate speakers installed above and below the monitor.

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  • Q: Is there a way to incorporate the use of speakers?

    Yes! For televisions with built-in speakers we suggest using our AV mat (VA-AVMS). This allows your television to be framed without affecting the speakers' audio output.

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  • Q: What if I plan to replace my TV at a later date?
    A: We recommend ordering an "oversized" unit with an AV mat (VA-AVMS). The AV mat will mask off the unused space between the inside dimension of the frame and the viewable area of the monitor. When you replace your TV simply remove the AV mat to accommodate the new size TV.

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  • Q: How many times can the print roll up and down without causing damage to the print?

    Unlimited. Each painting is a museum quality giclée print on artists canvas specially designed for continuous movement.

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  • Q: What kind of paint is used?
    A: Printing is done with special ink that has a high degree of elasticity and is then covered with a clear coat that possesses UV protecting components. Each of our museum-quality, fine-art prints are nearly indistinguishable from the original artwork. Each print is digitally produced by expert craftsmen using state-of-the-art giclée printing.

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  • Q: What is a Giclée Print?

    French for "sprayed ink," giclées are a sophisticated printmaking process.

    Giclée prints are of such quality that they're displayed in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, at the Museum of Modern Art and other highly respected galleries throughout the world. The prints are created from ultrasensitive digital scans and an eight-color digital printer that sprays four million drops of color per inch on an archival quality canvas. No dot screen pattern is visible.

    Each print is silk-screened with a varnish to enhance its color and protect the fine surface texture. All VisionArt prints adhere to archival standards consistent with collectible fine-art prints made to last a century.

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  • Q: Can I use my own artwork or photograph?

    Yes! We understand that art is as individual as you are. So we're aware you may prefer your own art or photography. We gladly accept personal artwork and photographic images for "custom order" units.

    You may choose or commission works from a favorite artist or photographer, supply your own art or photograph, or request a painting that's in the public domain. In all cases, we'll work closely with you to ensure that the artwork you supply meets our technical requirements for a fine-art digital reproduction.

    You must have proof of ownership of the art in order for us to reproduce it. An additional charge will be added to the VisionArt unit at the time of ordering to cover all costs related to custom order production.

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  • Q: Can a VisionArt print be re-framed for conventional use?
    A: Yes.

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  • Q: How is the VisionArt mounted?

    Recess or Surface.

    Recess mounting is most commonly used in a remodel or new construction and requires the carpentry of a built-in cavity to house both the TV and VisionArt subframe. Recess mounting visually looks the best and enables your VisionArt to be flush against the wall surface. Surface mounting is commonly used when recess is not possible or desirable and provides esthetically pleasing results. In a surface mount application the TV and VisionArt are mounted directly on to the wall.

    Surface mounted units are typically installed with "returns". The "returns" are easily cut to fit the opening between the wall and the back of the VisionArt frame, effectively concealing the side view of the monitor and VisionArt mounting brackets.

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  • Q: Can the artwork in a VisionArt be changed?
    A: Yes, please call for pricing.

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  • Q: Where does the VisionArt get its power?
    A: The same AC power outlet as provided for the TV.

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  • Q: If the TV is surface mounted, how far out from the wall will the VisionArt be?
    A: The front of the VisionArt frame will be the same distance from the wall as the front of the TV, plus the depth of the frame.

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  • Q: If the VisionArt and TV is surface mounted how do you treat the exposed sides?
    A: Surface mounted units are typically installed with "returns". The "returns" are easily cut to fit the opening between the wall and the back of the VisionArt frame, effectively concealing the side view of the monitor and VisionArt mounting brackets.

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  • Q: What is the warranty?
    A: We are committed to quality craftsmanship and stand behind the value of our products and offer a one year warranty on parts and labor.

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  • Q: How long will it take to receive my VisionArt?

    Your expertly crafted VisionArt system begins production upon receipt of full payment in our office.

    Lead-times are from receipt of full payment:

    • Expressions- 4 weeks*
    • Décor Gallerie- 6 weeks*
    • Premiere Galleri- 8 weeks*
    • Custom art units and units with Gallerie 23 frames- 10 weeks (No expedite charge available, please contact us for more information)

    *$1,500 - Optional Expedite Charges, Your VisionArt will ship in 10 business days from date order is paid. Please call our toll free number for availability. 866.432.4353

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  • Q: How do you ship my VisionArt?

    All VisionArt systems are professionally packaged and ship completely assembled and ready to install.

    Shipping rates, Ground 3-5 business day freight, from California are calculated as follows:

    $250 if shipped East of the Mississippi River

    $200 for shipments between Colorado and the Mississippi River

    $150 for shipments West of Colorado

    Hawaii and Canada Frieght- $300

    Customers are responsible for duties and taxes on all International Freight shipments.  Custom Broker information must be supplied at the time of inital purchase. 

    *PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees may apply. Rates may be different. Differences may occur based on residential delivery, shipments to rural areas, and other factors. Dealer coordinated shipments are available. All prices are subject to change.

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