Installation Options for Hidden TV Behind Picture Frame

surface mounted hidden tv behind picture frame

recess mounted hidden tv behind picture frame

Recessed Back Box & Integrated Cooling System

A pre-construction, 16 gauge metal back box and VA-ICS (Integrated Cooling Systems) may be ordered for recess
mounted flat screen television installations. A back box allows the contractor to build the TV cavity to the precise
size without a CAD drawing. Every back box comes with the VisionArt mounting brackets installed and ready to
accept the VisionArt. The back box top and bottom are flanged to be flush mounted against the finished wall. The
sides are straight and force the VisionArt off the wall by ½”, which closes the sides for forced airflow. The back box
is painted black and creates a subtle shadow detail behind the frame. The cooling system includes four slow speed
low turbulence fans with a temperature sensor that automatically turns on/off the cooling system as needed. There
is a ½” air intake at the bottom and an exhaust vent at the top eliminating the need for external ducting. This system
will move 15 cubic feet of air per minute.